Currently, I’m offering several themed shows for your event:

The Three Billion Show

It’s said that an average human being gets around three billion heartbeats in their lifetime.

Law-of-Large-NumbersTTBS drills down on that idea. And, with just a few things purchased at an office-supply store, TTBS takes your group to a place where they’ll never look at large numbers (or their lives!) the same way ever again.


Walt Disney said it best: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

UnleashedFragments-FramedMy Unleash show aims to get everyone in the room into that mindset; it focuses on breaking down mental barriers, those invisible walls that keep each of us from doing our best, and enjoying our lives to the fullest…

This high-energy, audience-participation-filled show is one of my most fun shows to perform, and my audiences (ranging from high-schoolers to retirees) have a blast!


The Missing Show

We’ve all seen magic shows in Las Vegas or on TV where the performer has a whole stage full of equipment and props. Some of those shows are wonderful, mind you, but I’m often left wondering how much magic is in the magician, and how much magic is just in the boxes he’s/she’s brought onto the stage…

PowersDarkness-01-CroppedTMS is my reaction to that; every effect in it uses either no props at all, or common, everyday items (sometimes borrowed from the audience).

TMS is one of my most-requested shows at The Magic Castle, and it’s always been one of my favorites to perform. (Hey, why lug around a truckload of equipment, when you can just use a briefcase?)


If any of these offerings sound like a good fit for your group, let me know the details, and let’s get together soon to build an event they’ll love you for!